Sunday, February 27, 2011

addie turns 2!

it was a fun day, decking the house in sesame street-only to find she wanted to wear her 'fancy nancy tutu dress'

family and friends arrived and miss addie fell in love with her new 'baby alive' and her big bin of 'snap and style' dolls, her little people wheelies and cupcakes to color...

and ended the night in her mermaid costume watching "the little mermaid" with mama and aunt stacy.

i would say she was a very happy and lucky birthday girl.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

addie and the fishies

so miss addie jane has a growing obsession with fish-and we her parents are glad to oblige...
for her birthday we decided to take her to the best viewing place for fish of all kinds in the city-NEWPORT AQUARIUM...
we made it in time to see the penguin parade, and then she just ran from "bubbles" to "bubbles" and was so excited at every new window we took to...her eyes were HUGE the whole time and she even had the guts to touch the ones they let you.
it is so much fun watching her discover anything new these days...

and our adventure lasted all the way until lunchtime so of course daddy had to share his enormous shake with the very well-behaved birthday girl.

Friday, February 18, 2011

my best girl.

you fell asleep on my shoulder tonight..and i have been a mom long enough to know that i should get you into bed as soon as possible. but i couldn't help sitting there holding onto you as long as possible. you have gone so fast from baby to little woman. and this week you turn a whole 2 years old.
I went walking with you tonight around the just kept talking about all that you saw, and all that we were doing "addie is walking, mama is walking, addie and mama are walking together" "that tree is green" "i have flowers on my coat" "my pants have stripes" "mama do you see the airplane"
"mama i wub you".

somebody pinch me please. what did i do to deserve you?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

dear socks

dear socks,
thank you for letting squeeze you while i can't be very comfortable, but you never complain.
thank you for always making me matter my mood.
you are my bestie.
night-night buddy,
love addie

love this lady...

does it get any better than this...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


so our sweet little addie has turned 18 months old. i feel like this is a big milestone for some reason although i can't figure out why..

is it such a big deal to have another round of vaccines?
or to learn how to SCREAM in public to shame mama into giving you the box of raisins NOW
or is it special cause you now are big enough to eat grapes without having them cut up?
is it such a big thing cause you have your own t.v. shows where you recognize characters and theme songs?
is it a big deal cause you sleep on a cot at school..and have not gotten up once...
does being 18 months old mean you get to pick out the shoes you want to wear and get frustrated with the ones mama MAKES you wear...
is it awesome cause now you tell mama when you have pooed by tapping your bottom and saying in the most hysterically cute voice - "mama , addie poo"
is it special cause you hate your stroller now and INSIST on WALKING where you want, when you want in any size crowd...
is being this old so cool cause you can put your words into sentences like when you told mama she was pretty the other day...ummm yes, that is it...this is why 18 months is the BEST.

oh, and what we found out from the ortho visit is that you have sweet little fat flat feet. and your daddy says you pulled out your parade queen wave in the hospital and made all the staff melt. you soak this stuff up-full on wave as we stroll you past just about anyone (i.e. mall, grocery, sidewalks).
only thing you are missing is a sash and tiara. dear lord. maybe for your 19-month birthday...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

where has the time gone?

apologizing isn't going to blog-back the last few crazy months. i will tell you all the same thing i tell miss addie when she throws a fit - put your big-girl pants on and deal with it! i have been wearing my big girl pants since Easter Sunday, when our whole lives changed.

In one week (which happened to be my spring break) we decided to buy a new house and get ours ready for sale. can i go back to when i said ONE WEEK. yes. we packed up, fixed up, moved out, all in one week. here is a shout out to those who supported, helped, and did any lifting at all..."SHOUT OUT".

and now, we hear crickets, see stars, and ride bikes. its a dream come true to be living in a house where your growing toddler can run figure eights all day long and that's just inside! the potential of this house makes me smile and the stair-less-ness of it all puts my mind at ease.

so, easter + buy + move + sell + duck, NC + secret remodel + paint + ride + run 8's + dream = happy lynch's

there are a few things i would like to subtract, poor miss addie had a very scary seizure towards the middle of the summer which has since sent me swirling down the anxiety tunnel - and i really am not sure when i will find my way out...bear with me everyone.

one of my favorites from Duck, NC...addie hated the ocean until i called
it "bubbles" like her bath, and the pool. now all water is "bubbles"
a diva and her mighty-mini
one of the last pictures taken in the old house.
how did she get to be such a big girl?
thank you pod. your held our house well.

i will attempt better communication...but i have to say, its been pretty nice to have so much going on that there is so little time to reflect. plus, it would probably have up'd my anxiety level knowing how much was actually changing..